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Can I use my normal wordpress shortcodes in bbpress?

  • greenhoe


    I was wondering can I use my normal worpdress shortcodes in bbpress? So my users could take say a certain query shortcode and post in the forums and allow it to work?

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  • Robin W


    Not quire sure what you are after – can you give a specific example?

    No, you cannot use shortcodes within bbPress.

    This is more of a security issue than a technical issue, you don’t want users adding login shortcodes and the like into the content.

    There is a ‘bbPress Shortcode Whitelist’ plugin (It’s in the plugins repo) that will allow you to ‘whitelist’ a list of short codes so you can use the ones you approve.



    Thanks Stephan, is there a way to whitelist them manually? I code all the shortcodes myself and I prefer to not use plugins when possible and this seems like something I could do with out a plugin.




    For example I created a shortcode called [card]Card Name[/card] and when you use that shortcode it shows a tooltip for that card, but would like my users to be able to use that in the actual forum.

    I’ve not looked at doing do that personally, I saw something recently on adding short codes to WordPress quicktags so you could explore that option (WordPress’ quicktags are the buttons you see here ‘b’, ‘i’ etc)

    Also take a look at the source of bbPress Shortcode Whitelist plugin to see their implementation, and see if you can adapt it for your own needs.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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