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Can I get a coder to add registration fields?

  • Kris35


    Hi. Is there a way to add mandatory custom fields in the BBPress registering process? I did get someone to add a text field for the location but it wasn’t mandatory and for the UK, they were adding variations like England, Britain etc so in my user directory and search, people looking for people in the UK would only find people in the UK and not in England or the United Kingdom etc. So I had to go and edit their profiles to say United Kindom so they would come up in the search. Sooo…what I really need is not a text field but a drop down or other thingy where new members have to choose where they are from from the options they are given. So I need a list of all countries and then for now, a list for US states and UK counties. I have a coder to do this for me (Ive not got a clue)….is it possible to do this by configuring BBpress or is a custom code thingy needed? If I can do it, I will show it here maybe so others can see?

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