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Can BuddyPress be used as a business directory service?

  • ugcheleuce


    Hello everyone

    I’m actually looking for software that I can use as a directory of freelancers, much like a business directory, but one in which each person gets a profile page that he can edit and add all the services that he can offer and all of the tools that he can use. Would BuddyPress be suitable for such a thing?

    I know there are some paid solutions out there, but I don’t intend to charge for providing this “service”, so I’d prefer to use a system that is free. If BuddyPress won’t do, can you tell me if you know of other products that are either free or nearly free?


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  • koendb


    You’re on the bbpress website. Bbpress is forum software, and you need more information about buddypress.

    To answer your questions: yes, it is possible. You can add as many custom fields to user pages as you want. I’ve never done this, so can’t tell you how difficult making a custum template will be though. Try the buddypress forum.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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