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can bbPress use registration forms on WP to place folks in member groups?

  • mejilladigge



    First time posting; first time looking at bbPress.

    I use SMF on a forum I manage, so that’s the only platform I can compare.

    In my SMF I put new users (in our private forums) into two different membergroups based on their registration (i’d like to to more to be honest).

    We’re getting bigger, and I’d like to use something like Ultimate Member for registration.
    If I use Ultimate Member to make a lengthy registration form (it’s for a non-profit that needs to collect a lot of data on each) can I use THAT to funnel folks into the proper member group–avoiding manual massaging?

    thanks for taking a look.

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  • Robin W


    Private groups

    is an add-on to bbpress and will let you split your forums into as many groups as you like.

    membership plugins tend to assign roles to members if you want different membership types, and then private groups plugin can then assign these to the forum groups

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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