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Can bbpress create an alternative plugin for bbpress Topics for Posts

  • makingcircuits


    The existing plugin “bbpress topics for posts” by Mr. David Dean is too old and seems like it is now no longer being updated and almost abandoned by the owner, therefore I would request bbpress or somebody here to take over this plugin or create an alternative for this plugin.
    It is because this is the only plugin which allows merging existing wordpress comments with bbpress forum.
    I have successfully tried the procedures and could merge my earlier regular wordpress comments inside bbpress under every post.
    So this plugin is very important considering that it converts your ordinary wordpress comments into SEO rich bbpress forum replies.
    Please help! I would really appreciate if somebody could come with a similar version of this plugin

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  • samyanderson


    yeah me too checked it and seems its working for me .



    It does not work as it used to before.
    Here the faults:
    1) Under Settings > Discussions when I try to select the Forum, and click on “Apply settings to existing posts” it shows an error.
    2) When I go to the posts I find all the wordpresss comments removed, and no bbpress replacement
    3) However It works only if I edit individual posts and select the forum under the individual posts.

    That means if somebody has 1000 posts he will have to edit 1000 posts for enabling the import?? How time consuming that will be
    And during the time the individual posts are being edited the existing comments will remain hidden

    Earlier this fault was not there, the import could be enabled for the all the posts with one click…



    …also now the “bulk edit” feature in posts gives an error


    This forum is for general bbPress questions. If you find issues with a plugin, please post it on the support forum of the specific plugin.


Viewing 4 replies - 26 through 29 (of 29 total)
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