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Calling WordPress functions in bbPress

  • Hi all,

    I am Abhinav. I am facing a slight problem deep integrating the latest stable versions of WordPress ( 2.8.6 ) with bbPress ( 1.0.2 ) on a website – I have completed the user and cookie integration and it works perfectly. All the settings are configured and saved properly. However after I add the line :


    to the top of bb-config.php .. Forums page goes blank! No errors, no warning messages.. Just a blank page with no code at all..

    Before installing the bbPress live on the server, I developed the theme on my system locally and tested deep integration thoroughly a few times – everything works just fine locally but it’s creating trouble live on the server.

    I have checked echoing values from the WordPress files that are loaded into bbPress.. that confirms that WordPress is being loaded properly.. But why isn’t bbPress loading after that !

    I suspect that having WordPress installed and running since a long time already is causing the problem!

    I have deep integrated various websites where WordPress was already installed and running for quite sometime without any issues..

    Can it be a plugin conflict? The website is using 37 ( :-O ) plugins at the moment..

    ( Should I post a list of plugins being used? )

    Can anyone help me out, please?

    I’d be very grateful..


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  • chrishajer


    did you quote the filename?




    I am also having trouble deep integrating my WP & bbPress installs so that I can call WP functions from within bbPress

    When I add the line to the top of my bb-config.php file


    I get 500 server errors and cannot access any page of the bbPress install at all. This happens even when plugins (I have only 2) are deactivated, so I’m pretty sure it’s not a plugin conflict.

    I’m also using WP 2.8.6 and bbPress 1.0.2.



    Do you have access to the server logs? That 500 error should be logged.



    When you say you added the line to the top, you mean after the opening tag


    … just in case…



    @chrishajer – I’m not sure – I use 1&1 for hosting but I can poke around to see if some logs are available and report back…

    @buddha trance – yes, after the <?php but I appreciate the troubleshooting 101 :)

    FWIW, I also tried several other things I found in the docs for integrating, such as require_once with the path to wp-blog-header.php but as mentioned everything I try to load WP first so I can access it’s functions causes the 500 error.

    I haven’t given up yet, though! I’ll keep trying a few things and report back this weekend….

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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