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  • bornakke


    I’m trying to setup a really basic forum for the first time i WordPress, but I must admit that it has shown more difficult than first expected.

    Well after hours of bug finding I’m down to one problem, which is that BBpress doesn’t refresh when you make a post. The problem seems to be related to caching, cause when I disable caching in Chrome it works. No matter what I do I however just can’t seem to figure our how to make my browsers (firefox + Chrome) not cache the page in the first time.

    The test forum is located here:

    bbPress Version 2.2.4
    Wordpress Version 3.5.1

    To post you have to login with:
    Usr: Test
    Passw.: 123456

    Hope that somebody can help me out 🙂

    Best regards

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  • Stephen Edgar


    I don’t see any problems there with the topic & reply I just created

    A couple of things though… You may want to change your ‘permlink’ structure to use ‘pretty permalinks’

    When you are trying to find a problem with your site try disabling all your plugins except bbPress and see if the problem still occurs, if it is fixed reenable each plugin one by one and check for the problem again to isolate if it is a plugin causing the problem.

    You should also test using the ‘Twenty Ten’ or ‘Twenty Twelve’ themes included with WordPress to make sure it is not an issue with the theme you are using.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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