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Bug with post count when moving a topic to another forum

  • nirgalo


    bbPress 2.5.3, WP 3.9.1

    I moved a topic from forum A to forum B (on the same site), by editing the topic and updating the Forum field. The topic was properly moved and now appears in forum B, but the post count of forum A still retains the old count when the topic was in forum A (and probably the count of forum B was not updated either but I am not sure of this). To get the count I am using bbp_get_forum_post_count(). Looks like a bug to me. Any workaround?

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  • nirgalo


    As a workaround I had to delete the post and create a new one by copying content of the older post (and assigning former user to that post).

    Also I had another issue: after putting the post to the trash, I clicked on recover then I had a new page asking me if I really wanted to do that with a retry link. Hitting retry didn’t actually recover the post. This looks like a but too. Later I deleted permanently the former post from the trash (after having created the new one), it worked, but I had no confirmation message. This one might not be a bug, but would probably be nice to have a confirmation when permanently deleting.

    Your first issue is a known issue and is fixed for the next release of bbPress.

    A workaround for that issue is to run the repair tools after moving a topic.

    Your second issue could you give detailed reproduction steps and I’ll take a look.


    1 Create this
    2. Do this
    3. Click this
    4. Now this

    Results: This is what happened
    Expected Results: This is what I expected to happen.



    About the second issue, here is the scenario I used as I remember it:
    1. create a topic in forum A
    2. edit the topic (WordPress editor, not “modify button”) and change the forum for this topic to forum B
    3. from the WordPress dashboard, go to Topics/All Topics
    4. move the topic to Trash
    5. go to Trash, recover the topic
    Expected result: the topic is recovered
    Actual result: a new page popped up asking me if I really wanted to do that with a retry link. Hitting retry didn’t actually recover the post. The post never got recovered

    Btw found another issue today:
    – BuddyPress must be installed and a menu must be available to show the site-wide activity
    – forum A is public, forum B is hidden
    – user 1 has access to forum A only
    – user Admin has access to forum A and B

    1. with user 1, create a topic into forum A which is a public forum
    2. with user Admin, click Modify button on the topic, and change the forum of the topic to forum B which is a hidden forum
    3. go to the BuddyPress Activity page of the site and observe

    Expected result: activity of user 1 posting a topic into forum A is not present
    Actual result: activity of user 1 posting a topic into forum A is present. This is a security issue as users can see publicly a post that has been moved into a hidden forum.

    I have tried various repair options for this one but that didn’t fix the problem and the topic still shows up into the Activity page.



    Apparently this wasn’t fixed, I just moved a topic and the counts did not change in either forum nor did my user account show that I posted to the new forum. I ran a repair, with only topic counts checked and the counts were fixed but my profile picture was not moved. I ran it a 2nd time with everything checked, and now the forum is correct!

    So it looks like the bug was not fixed, and users MUST repair after a topic is moved to keep the forum data correct FYI.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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