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Bug report: Forum breadcrumbs broken

  • rattenkind



    I installed bbpress on my WP4.0 install.

    I created a page and added the forum-index to it. The problem is that the breadcrumbs nav on top of the forum index shows not “Forum” as root, but instead “About us/Forums”.

    “About us” is of course the title of a page that was once used as static frontpage, but currently the install is set to use “latest posts”. I re-confirmed that NO STATIC FRONT PAGE is used (in Appearance/Customize, as well as in Settings/Reading).

    It seems to me that BBPress is somehow using the static front page setting, even though it is deactivated.

    In an attempt to solve the problem, I re-set “latest posts” as frontpage setting, refreshed permalinks – no change.

    The only way to fix this turned out to be to trash the page in question and then restore it. After doing this, the Breadcrumbs correctly read “Home > Forums”.
    Apparently bbpress doesn’t update its breadcrumbs when the homepage is changed from static pages to latest posts.

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