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Bug in post count?

  • Hi, i have very good bbPress forum. I like bbPress. I am use a bbPress 1.0.2 but i may found 1 new bug.

    I go to my bbPress dashboard and see posts count, thats say: 4024 posts.

    Then i go to bb-admin/posts.php and i see 1 – 20 / 4,121. This mean i have 4121 posts on my forum.

    I try recounting without any help to this problem.

    My plugins now:


    Human Test For bbPress

    Topics Per Page

    bbSmilies (maybe smilies from WordPress plugin, i change it name, when i modified smilies codes)

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  • Try clearing your Akismet spam queue, and see if that maybe clears it up?

    I delete last week all spam and deleted posts from database with PhpMyAdmin. There now spam 0 and deleted posts/topics 0.

    If you recount, the counts are still off?

    If so, try deactivating all your plugins and doing one last recount… if that doesn’t work, I’m stumped.

    I do this. No help to this problem. :(

    Ah hmm, I just checked a test install for 1.0.2, and it has a similar issue.

    On the Dashboard, it says “252 posts” and “71 topics”.

    But on the Posts page it says there are 249 posts, and on the Topics page it says there are 68 topics.

    It sounds like a bug… but I don’t see a report here?

    Can anyone else confirm this is an issue for you on bbPress 1.0.2 as well? If so, please post here and then we can file a trac report!

    I found in bbPress reply list replies without any topic. Delete them from database. Now dashboard index 4023 and posts.php 4068.

    I found 1 topic. 10 replies + 9 more. I click 9 more, but there nothing. I see only 10 normal posts, but no any 9 more…

    Now index 4014, posts.php 4053.

    PhpMyAdmin 4053 –> post status 0.

    So 4053-4014=39. Where is 39 blank or delete posts?

    How i found and delete them 39 posts from 4053 post in posts.php?

    Now i have 37 posts. How i Found or delete it?

    Any help to this problem? Is this a bug? How fix it?

    It looks like a bug to me.

    Does it affect your users’ experience? Those numbers are on internal dashboards… I don’t think users can see them.

    I think too, this is a bug. It doesn’t affect user experience, only admin and moderators see this numbers. On statistics.php users see fine posts in this forums statistics. No wrong numbers there. Only in admin posts page wrong numbers and in topic +X more <– to admin and moderator. So i think, there is bug, may be bbPress version 1.1 fix them?

    I check my friend bbPress 1.0.2 forum. This is new forum, not from, i converted>1.0 etc. Friend install first time 1.0.2. :) But there same problem. Index.php in admin says 299 posts, posts.php says 302. This is bug.



    If you feel it’s a bug, I encourage you to open a ticket at

    I open a ticket to Trac #1215

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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