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Bug in bb-includes/ w/Private Forums

  • Hello,

    There is a bug in bb-includes/, at line 101 in bbpress v1.0.2. The code assumes that the forum_id is the sames the array_id when the array is flattened. This is not always the case if you apply_filters to the forum list such as private forums does.

    The code ccurrently reads:

    _forums[$_id] = $forums[$_id]

    Which may not be true if the forum id is not the same as the array id.

    This code does fixed the problem…. The key is to convert forum_id into an array enumerator so that when you look at $_ids you compare to the proper array which is no longer the full array but one with missing topics/forums.

    $forums = (array) apply_filters( ‘get_forums’, $forums );

    + foreach($forums as $f) {

    + $fids[$f->forum_id] = $f;

    + }

    if ( $child_of || $hierarchical || $depth ) {

    $_forums = bb_get_forums_hierarchical( $child_of, $depth, $forums );

    if ( !is_array( $_forums ) )

    return false;

    $_forums = (array) bb_flatten_array( $_forums, $cut_branch );

    foreach ( array_keys($_forums) as $_id )

    + $_forums[$_id] = $fids[$_id];

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