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buddypress integration with navigation

  • I’ve installed bbPress on my wordpress-buddypress site.

    The forum base is: Forums

    when I install just bbPress, and use this as a base, I can navigate to and it displays the forums properly

    I also would like to add it to my navigation. I add a page titled “Forums” at and add it to my navigation menu list.

    then when I navigate to this page, it displays it as a default buddypress page, without the forums, it highlights it in my menu when it is the current page.

    I then add the shortcode: [bbp-forum-index] to the page.

    It still shows up in my navigation, and goes to the correct page when clicked, which now shows the bbPress forums. However it now does not highlight the “Forums” tab when it is on the “Forums” page.

    Is there an easier way to associate bbPress’s “Forums” with WordPress’s “Forums” so that it will display properly in the navigation menu?


    Also when on my “Forums” page, the breadcrumb reads “homepage title>forums” I would like it to ready “Blog title>forums”. Any ideas how to do this?

    Edit: Turns out the “Forums” page only works properly in the navigation as soon as bbPress is deactivated. With bbPress activated, the “Forums” item in the navigation is not highlighted when the page is being viewed. Shortcode in or not.

    Edit: I’ve fixed the problem by making a custom template which adds the shortcode via <?php echo do_shortcode(“[bbp-forum-index]“); ?>

    Any ideas on the base slug modification?

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  • Sorry for the double post, but it seems i can’t edit again..

    I’ve made a new main page, with a redirect to where I’d like to go, and it has changed the forum slug accordingly.

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