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Buddypress and BBpress Notifications

  • Leandro



    Recently I started to setup a community using buddypress and bbpress and only after a few tests I noticed that when someone create or reply a topic no notification is created. This is a bit frustrating considering how important the notifications are to keep track of what is happening in the community.

    Looking through the forum for a solution I found a topic with a similar subject, however when trying to use their code a empty notification is created (there is no text or description). Here is the topic:

    Anyone can tell me if the code above still working? I think that something changed since that this code was published, but I cant figured out what.

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  • Robin W


    bbpress uses subscriptions which are turned on in the forums settings.

    Users who then subscribe to a forum are emailed notifications when a new topic is posted in that forum, and can then subscribe to the topic to receive notifications of replies.

    Is this what you need, or can you come back with further info.




    Thanks for the explanation, now make more sense how buddypress and bbpress work together.

    The unique problem that I saw is that new topics doesnt create notifications for forum subscribers. E-mail notifications are send, but no notification is created for buddypress notification area.

    For forum replies e-mails notifications and buddypress notification are crate normally.

    Robin W


    ok, buddypress has it’s own support forum, and would be worth raising there.

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