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broken links to “Forum” and “Topic” in drill down location

  • deboerdave


    i am having a problem with the automatically generated links that are suppose to bring you back to the above level pages. when i go into a forum you see the drill down location twice. Once on the line before the forum name and once on the line after the forum name. The first occurrence has the word “forum” in between the the home link and current forum and tries to go to were you encounter 404 error. the second version with forums works and leads to as it should.
    below is example of structure of how it is showing up with some comments added:

    Home › Forum › first (“forum” here leads to broken page 404)
    first (forum title)
    Home › Forums › first (“forums” leads to the correct forum directory)

    here is the page the above is taken from:

    another similar problem is when you go down into a topic the first line. now has “Topic” as the location between home and the current location on the first line. Again on the 3rd line the the drill down location is correct and functional. In the first line the link “Topic” leads to error 404 also.

    Home › Topic › another test (topic leads to 404 error)
    another test (topic title)
    Home › Forums › category 1 › cat1 forum1 › another test (working drill down links)

    the above example is taken from the page:

    ideally i would like help to remove the first set of links, as their logic is not as ideal as the second set even if they are working properly. Or just a solution to fix them to work properly. But really i am not sure why the first set is there.

    here is a description of my setup:
    wordpress: Version 3.5.1
    bbpress: Version 2.3.1
    buddypress: Version 1.7.1
    wordpress theme: responsive

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  • deboerdave


    sorry for those that tried to access the site. i had problem with my host database this after noon and their support ended up screwing up my site. i had to reconfigure a bunch of stuff including the forums i had been working on. i got reports of traffic being locked out that correlated with my asking for help here. thanks for trying to check it out the links are working now so if you try again it is accessible now



    Workaround in place:

    i am using the “Redirection” plugin as a work around for now.

    The broken “forum” will go to the top of the forums regardless of where you are at
    and am making a new page to use the latest topics shortcode in to direct the broken “topic” link to (so it at least has some sense in where it brings the user to).

    would rather remove these lines though.

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