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Broken links in forum

  • finallyfoundausernamenotusedbefore


    Hello all,

    A new problem has arisen, probably as a result of plugin upgrades as there have been a lot recently.

    I am using:
    BBpress 2.6.4
    Advanced noCaptcha & invisible Captcha 5.7.1
    bbP private groups 3.8.3
    bbp style pack 4.5.3
    bbPress Login Register Links On Forum Topic Pages 3.0.1
    bbPress Messages
    LoginPress – Customizing the WordPress Login 1.4.4
    WP User Avatar 2.2.6
    plus a lot of others not pertinent to the forum (I hope)

    Forum is at but I suspect these issues are only visible to registered users.

    Underneath the poster’s avatar is a link to the user’s profile. I limited this (for privacy) through bbp style pack to only show the user’s own profile and not that of others. This did work, but now it gives Error 404. I tried setting it to not show any profiles but the link remains active and still goes to Error 404. It is trying to link to

    Same occurs if you click on Send Message

    Other possibly related issue:
    I seem to be getting notifications for postings I have posted in but haven’t subscribed to, I don’t think that happened before. As yet I have had no complaints so am not sure if ordinary users are similarly affected.

    All of the above was definitely working at one time. I can’t figure out what has broken it. I can’t find any other mention of these issues in this forum so assume this is peculiar to my site – maybe conflicts between plugins?

    Best regards,


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