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Broken forum search? forum-id vs. forum_id

  • I had problems with the “search in forum” feature. The “select” input control is displayed, but it seems as if the value i choose isn’t used by the code.

    When I press submit, this is he URL that is sent to the web server:

    In this example, the forum restriction does not take effect.


    if i manually change the URL to: (note the underscore; forum_id)

    then it works!

    I can track it down to the file:


    and this code:

    if ( $forum ) {

    $r .= "t<div><label for="forum-id">" . __('Forum') . "</label>n";

    $r .= "tt<div>" . bb_get_forum_dropdown( array( 'selected' => $q_forum_id, 'none' => __('Any'), 'id' => 'forum-id

    ' ) ) . "</div>n";

    $r .= "t</div>nn";


    Changing forum-id to forum_id here fixes the problem, but I would prefer not to tamper with core files.

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  • chrishajer


    If you feel this is a problem with the bbPress core, please open a ticket at trac so the problem can be fixed.

    You can log in there with your login, or get one from if you need one.

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