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Breadcrumbs works badly from the page template through the forum

  • Danishsard


    Hello, my site is using Breadcrumbs. If there is a forum, it works badly because it indicates, for example, the topic – which, after all, do not exist on the forum as lists of temamata, only such fictitious catalogs.

    How would the list of topics and topics be the same with the address – Forum / topic name
    forum / forum name

    That would not be a problem and it creates a forum / topic / topic name – where this topic does not exist as a forum / topic such address

    how to solve it?

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  • Robin W


    sorry, need a link to an example, and specifically state what is wrong



    before I enter the forum I need to understand them, so for now I run tests on localhost for many days.

    My template shows Breadcrumbs as directories from the link – that’s why it makes poorly blank pages. What creates a forum:

    Forum / category / name
    Forum / topic / topic title

    Topic and category – these are non-existent pages and such will be indicated by the template index / forum / topic and index / forum / category – and there is no such thing as a page

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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