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Breadcrumbs not appearing in forums or topics

  • ginaginagina


    I’m in bbPress 2.5.14
    Wordpress 5.2.2
    Avada theme 5.9.1 (and yes, I tried disabling it 🙂

    I’m not sure how to get the breadcrumbs to show above subforums and topics so that users can navigate back to the main forum page as they go deeper into the threads. I tried the troubleshooting steps in the “Getting Started” section, but to no avail. The forums are private, so I’m not able to share a useful URL. Not sure what I can share to help get this solved. I tried Robin’s bbstyle pack, too, under the “breadcrumbs” section and no go for me.

    Forums lacking breadcrumbs

    If the img embed doesn’t work, the screenshot can be seen here:

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