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Breadcrumbs getting nuked at topic level

  • FlyFishersCorner


    EDIT note: Running bbPress 2.5.3 on WordPress 3.8.1
    My theme does not support sidebar widgets, so I instead created a page to house my forums. Additionally, I like the idea of being able to add some content above the forum index. I am running everything through a child theme.

    EDIT note: The breadcrumbs display in the bottom right of the header, in case it’s not obvious when looking.

    As it stands, I’ve added a login box and some content to the page, then used the [bbp-forum-index] shortcode to add my forum index. See the page here.

    Clicking into the first forum, “General Fishing Discussion” (my site is a fly fishing related one), I have no issues. The breadcrumbs can get me perfectly back to the page where the index resides. See here.

    Finally, I have created a couple test topics. Once I click on one of those topics, this is where my problem arises. Instead of the breadcrumbs being Forum>General Fishing Discussion>Topic Title, they switch to Home>Topic>Topic Title. Clicking the Topic link takes me to a 404 page. See it here.

    I’ve been tinkering with this for days, trying several different solutions from this site that I thought might work. The most recent was a fix suggested about two weeks ago whereby I copy the page.php file from my theme folder and rename it to bbPress.php to force bbPress to use it. I have seen no change. I will note that I tried placing it in the theme-child folder as well as the theme-child\bbPress\default folder. Neither worked.

    The other fix I tried that I thought might get me there was one posted here about 4 months ago that offered a replacement code for the loop-forums.php. Unfortunately, that didn’t work either.

    Does anyone have any other ideas? I really appreciate any help you guys can offer! I love the look and integration of bbPress, I just can’t have users running into walls after reading a topic and trying to navigate back out to other forums.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • FlyFishersCorner


    Still searching for a solution to this. I deleted the live versions of the pages on the website as they were throwing too many errors for Google and decimating my SEO. Essentially what I’m getting is the following in my breadcrumbs:

    From my main index page, “Home > Forums”

    When clicking into one of the forums, I have, “Home > Forum > ForumName” So far so good!

    When clicking on an actual post within this forum, it blows up. Now I have “Home > Topic > TopicTitle” Clicking on the Topic link sends me to a 404 page. What I’d expect to get is “Home > Forum > ForumName > TopicTitle”

    As best I can tell, there must be some issue in my theme’s header.php that is creating the problem. I believe the relevant code section is as follows. I’ve fiddled with it to no end and can only get more errors by changing things.

    Perhaps a fresh set or sets of eyes might be able to see a solution. Anyone see anything immediately obvious that could be creating the issue?

    <div class="text-right">
    	if (is_404()) {
    	echo '<ul class="breadcrumbs inline-list"><li><a href="'.home_url().'">'.__("Home","zatolab").'</a></li><i class="fa fa-angle-right"></i><li class="active">'.__('Not Found','zatolab').'</li></ul>';
    	} elseif (is_search()) {
    	printf( __( '<ul class="breadcrumbs inline-list"><li><a href="'.home_url().'">'.__("Home","zatolab").'</a></li><i class="fa fa-angle-right"></i><li class="active">%s</li></ul>', 'zatolab' ), get_search_query() );
    	} else {
    	if (zl_options('show_breadcrumbs') == "1"){ 

    (EDITED for easier readability of code)

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