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Breadcrumb issue – kinda

  • NovaSev


    I have a breadcrumb plugin, it’s all working quite well other then one thing:

    With the bbPress forum it shows my “Forums” slug twice. Both link to the Forums index page, but it’s weird to have it double it’s self. Any ideas? I don’t have this issue with the plugin on anything else.

    Using latest of WP and bbP – website is

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  • Robin W


    showing twice is the way bbpress likes doing it !

    You can turn off the forums root slug in settings>forums

    or play with this code

    Layout and functionality – Examples you can use

    Don’t know how the latter would work with your plugin



    Yeah that didn’t work because it only deals with bbPress’s internal breadcrumb plugin…. You can see exactly what I’m looking at on my site here.

    I already have the breadcrumbs turned off completely for the bbPress internal bit. Just not sure why another plugin would render bbPress’s index page twice and no other pages.

    Robin W


    Without spending a lot of time cracking open the breadcrumb trail plugin, I couldn’t say.

    May try their support forum

    Hope you get fixed !

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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