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Breadcrumb doesn’t link to right page

  • eefkedigibitch


    Hi there,

    I think my breadcrumb isn’t working the way it should, because when you click ‘forum’ it doesn’t link to the general forum page but to the current page you’re on.

    For example; I have a forum with category ‘Courses’ and in that category there is a forum ‘angles&ridges’. So when you look at the angles&ridges level, you have the breadcrumb home>Forums>Courses>Angles&Ridges.
    When I click on Courses I go the page with all forums in the category Courses, thats good.
    But when I click Forums, the page refreshes and I’m still in the Angles&Ridges forum.

    I think when you click Forum in the breadcrumb you should go to the general forum page with all categories and so…

    Does anyone know how this is possible? And how to fix/change this?

    Thanks in advance!
    Kind regards,

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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