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Bread crumbs not pointing to the single forum page

  • dionadk


    I created a Single forum page with short code: [bbp-single-forum id=12]

    from the single forum page I navigate to one of the topics. when I click on the single forum page link it redirects me to the single forum but not to the page I created. I disabled the forums links in the bread crumbs. Is there a way to edit the link for the single forum so that I could point it the page I created.

    step 1: Home Page › Student Forum
    step 2: Home Page › Student Forum › Features of Site Wide Forum

    From here when I click on the student forum it redirects me to the student forum and not the page I created with the student forum short code in it.

    wordpress version: WordPress 4.9.5
    bbpress version: Version 2.5.14

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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