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`<br>` tags convert to special characters, don’t work

  • michaelisc


    I have WordPress 2.1.2 and BBPress 0.8.1. They are (mostly) integrated. BBPress claims that <br> tags should work but they don’t. They are immediately converted to special characters and show up in the post as they were coded, i.e. “br” inside the brackets.

    Also <li> atrributes (type=disk, circle, blah blah) don’t work. Same problem as above. Any clues?

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  • This works for line breaks:

    <br />

    As for the attributes of <li>, it could be done with a little plugin. Could you post the exact code that you want to style the list item? It could also work if you just style all list items for posts in your CSS sheet. That is maybe easier than a plugin to do this.




    Thanks Trent,

    Well it works, kind of. To be more precise, if I put in three carriage returns with <br /> in the second empty CR space a single break space is inserted. Otherwise the <br /> simply disappears from the post as verified during an edit.

    Once the breaks are successfully inserted and the post is edited again the <br /> ‘s are all missing from the code in the post. Strange.

    That is a strange one isn’t it. Would it be helpful to add a little plugin to use paragraph?


    I noticed this on occasion on the forums. If the system sees a tag as something that needs to be encoded, then there’s no way it can’t ever be un-encoded. It’s a pain when trying to fix HTML over there.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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