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bp_posts to wp_posts

  • Daniel Mason


    We recently went through a major upgrade with one of our clients, and as part of that upgrade moved them to a new host. For some reason, no forum posts older than the start of the upgrade (6 weeks ago) have come through from the old site.

    I’ve noticed on the new site, in the table bp_posts, the new forum posts (from the old site) are visible, but after some experimentation, for that the posts are duplicated in wp_posts which is where the data is coming from. None of the new forum posts are in wp_posts which seems to be why they didn’t come through.

    Apart from building the server itself, I didn’t have much to do with the upgrade, so I’m not entirely sure why this is. I’ve run the repair scripts which didn’t seem to do anything and spent over an hour trudging round all the options I can find in WordPress but can’t find anything that seems appropriate.

    I’ve searched the forum and google and don’t seem to be able to find anyone with the same problem (though my google-fu may not be the best). Is anyone aware of why this has happened, or how I can fix it?

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  • Daniel Mason


    OK, seems the problem was that at the start of the site upgrade process, the developers upgraded bbPress. As development took 6 weeks, posts kept accruing in the old bb_ tables.

    We fixed this by going to

    Tools -> Forums -> Import Forums -> Selecting bbPress1 -> Purge previously imported data
                                     -> Selecting bbPress1 -> Importing
                    -> Repair Forums -> All scripts
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