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  • peiqinglong


    Can’t figure this out, anyone who is a Key Master, Administrator, or Mod are automatically put bozo: 1, which puts any post by those groups in the bozo category. No matter what I change it to: 0, no, “nothing in the box”, it reverts to 1. Anyone else having this same problem?

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  • I am, supposedly a fix is in the works:

    You have tried the plugin that’s meant to fix this? It worked for me.

    You could also try upgrading to the most current version off SVN, but you have to be prepared to get your hands dirty and face other bugs to do that. Get something like Tortoise SVN and go to the downloads page here.

    fel: I wasn’t aware of that, I’ll try it and report back. Crossing fingers :)

    Nope, it didn’t work :-(. I’m still a bozo and the field besize User is a Bozo: is still a field, however it says “0” instead of “1” now.

    Actually, strike that. It does work, I’m no longer a bozo, but for some reason it is still a field rather than a checkbox.

    That is coming in 1.0 for sure. That was just a ‘quick and dirty’ fix to get it working.


    Trent: Any idea when 1.0 will be coming down the pike?

    Later this month is plausible but just plain speculation. If you’re desperate for some updating you can get the bleeding-edge version off SVN, but it might be buggy and you’ll need an SVN client too.

    You don’t need an SVN client to get the latest TRAC version. If you don’t mind downloading the entire package, you can just download the entire thing as a zip and then upload it to your server. That is the way I do it right now. I just know which files are changed and upload them.


    *chuckle* Just noticed this myself on my own install and was wondering about it. Got hit by a spammer this morning.

    My question is this though. Shouldn’t the “1” result mean the person is bozo’ed? And, since this is a shared install with a WPMu install, would changing this affect the account over there?



    If they are marked as a bozo in bbpress it is a 1 for sure. It will not affect the WPMU at all because it doesn’t look for the bozo info at all in the meta table. Should be fine!


Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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