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Blank TinyMCE and other issues

  • Bicho


    I’m running a WP site along with bbPress and BP. My problems began when I accidentally disabled bbPress and enabled it back again. From then on TinyMCE shows a blank space, no buttons and visual/text tabs are just dead, so users can hardly post a new topic.

    I’ve tried nearly every possible trick known to man (cache, plugins, code lines..) but after 6~7 hours of failure I’m exhausted and frustrated. And what’s even worse: now the login bar (on top) and Twitter widget aren’t visible unless I (you) log in. Both were visible before the incident.

    I hope anyone can help me sort this thing out. I’m not exactly an expert, so please keep that in mind before telling me what to do. Thanks in advance.

    I’m using:
    WP 3.8.1
    bbPress 2.5.3-5249

    my site:
    Note: bbpress content is restricted for non-registered visitors

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  • Bicho


    UPDATE: I used Theme test drive plugin and found out:

    TinyMCE works on Twenty Eleven and Twenty Twelve WP themes, but I can only use the “text” tab buttons. In fact there’s no “visual” tab at all.

    When I switch back to WildCommunity (my current theme), I see this blank area with no buttons at all. Visual and text tabs are useless.

    By the way I can type inside the blank box but text is white and I need to select (highlight) it to see what I wrote. If i hit “post” I’m perfectly able to post a topic. Text and links look fine. No problem. Now THAT is weird!

    Any clue?



    Nevermind. I re-installed theme, deleted a couple of plugins and now everything’s working fine.

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