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Blank page in register.php when update

  • Hi,

    I update -> and see blank page in register.php and won’t log in. Update to and see blank page in register.php and won’t log in. I download from backup and work good. Don’t understand why new bbpress don’t work… Sorry bad English.

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  • Please help! :)



    It’s possible I broke something in the new bb_safe_redirect however I have tested it working and I have not seen any other complaints (and there have been several registrations on my site).

    Actually I just noticed you said it doesn’t work with which didn’t have my change.

    Have you tried deactivating your plugins temporarily to see if any interfere?

    Let’s look at what changed from to



    One thing I see that changed in is Sam put exit; after all the redirects.

    In my experience I have found some weird behavior where redirects don’t happen in some cases because the exit will happen before headers are sent for the page. It shouldn’t put it does in some PHP versions/apache configurations. Probably because of buffering.

    So as an experiment, maybe try editing the core file bb-login.php (not the template)

    See this change:

    Put a comment in front of that exit;

    bb_safe_redirect( $re );
    // exit;

    and see if that makes it act any differently.

    Disable all plugin… update. Same problem… I use a modified bbPrress theme in bb-templates from 0.9 and don’t update this on bbpress update to newest version… Is problem there?

    Thank you, i try comment out.

    Put a comment in front of that… not work for me.

    Could i try to put to new install pack old bb-login.php from bbpress



    A modified theme could cause it.

    Do you still have the original kakumei in another folder?

    You should try temporarily switching to that and see if it changes anything.

    What do when i move my edit theme from bb-templates to my-templates and upload to bb-templates original?

    I install 1.0.2.



    If you install 1.0.2 it is likely many of your plugins will stop working correctly.

    It’s too drastic of a change.

    If you insist on trying it, make sure you backup all your files and your database first.



    If you edited the kakumei files directly, simply rename that folder, ie.

    kakumei -> my-kakumei

    Then you can copy the original kakumei from the bbPress 0.9 zip.

    Thank you, ck.

    I update to 1.0.2. I use 13 plugin. 11 works fine, 2 no. I delete 2 and wait your update… Anonymous Posting and plugin, which add name field etc. to quest form. Download again, when you update, know that this may need more time to fix. :)

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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