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Blank page after Step 1 of installation

  • 1. Created the database;

    2. Uploaded the bbPress files to the destination directory;

    3. Went to my forum URL and got the appropriate install screen;

    4. Proceeded to Step 1, where I entered the pertinent info (Database name, Database user, Database password);

    5. Upon entering the requisite info, I hit ‘Save database configuration file’ button;

    6. The next screen tells me “Your settings have been saved to the file bb-config.php You can now continue to the next step.” I click ‘Go to Step 2’;

    7. Blank white screen (

    Note: I have tried starting from scratch I have installed a new database, then re-uploading the bbPress files, creating the ‘bb-config.php’ file manually from the sample version, then uploading it via FTP. When I do it this way, I get the blank white screen immediately, without getting any introductory/installation pages.

    I have installed many wordpress blogs on the same server on various domains with absolutely no problem.

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  • Greg


    Is your server set up to display php error messages? If not, then you may be hitting a fatal error, but not seeing the error message.

    Yes, the server displays error messages.

    What is with the blank page??!!@#$%??? Whenever the bb-config.php file is created (with the correct db name/user/pw), the installation crashes. After successfully installing numerous wordPress blogs, phpBB bulletin boards – all on the same server with the same settings – this is the ONLY installation that has given me such a problem on the install.



    Have you tried using firebug to see the sequence of HTTP requests? That may shed some light.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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