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Blank Members Page – What's going on?

  • PJ Brunet


    I searched for my website in Google and found I had a blank members page.

    But in my “Users” admin panel I have 4 “subscribers”, 1 “keymaster” and 4 “participants”.

    Something is broken or I missed a checkbox somewhere?

    How is Google finding this page? I’m guessing Google found it in a header meta tag. Normally I wouldn’t care, but now that I have this page indexed in Google, I feel like it needs to work.

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  • Robin W


    a /members page is not part of bbpress. Might be buddypress or because you have set a page up, but not default bbpress

    PJ Brunet


    I had initially installed Buddypress but uninstalled it right away.
    So Buddypress took a ____ on my domain and didn’t clean up after itself.

    Now I need to code my own members list plugin, I don’t see a good one in the plugins directory.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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