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Biziness template is not visible in WordPress.

  • Jordi2000


    Hi there,

    I want to install the Biziness template from

    I created a directory called “my-templates” inside my bbPress root directory.

    I uploaded the entire businesslike/ folder to the my-templates folder.

    Still the Biziness template is not visible in WordPress.

    Cannot activate it.

    What could be the problem?



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  • Sounds like you are using the standalone version. Its a bbPress theme so it will be visible in bbPress dashboard and not in WordPress dashboard.

    If you still have issues, change the permission of my-templates folder to 755. Incase you don’t know how to change permissions, read this –

    I change the permissions.

    But still I cannot find the Biziness Template.

    Not sure whether I am in the bbpress dashboard..

    It says:

    Theme bbPress (Twenty Ten) with 6 Widgets

    You are using WordPress 3.2.1.

    The Biziness template should appear in Appearance>Themes, no?



    I was bummed when I first tried to figure this out. The first fix about changing themes worked for one theme, but not the one I needed.

    A couple hours searching later and after trying a few things the permission fix did the trick. I had a feeling I might not be the only one having the problem either.

    The whole thing alerted me to a setting I needed to change in my FTP program which apparently was transferring files without the correct permissions.


    You are using the bbPress plugin and not the standalone version.

    Themes for standalone version aren’t compatible with the plugin one.

    What you need is some CSS fixes because the forums are already under your WordPress theme.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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