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Best way to limit users to one forum? (and auto-directing them there)

  • peripatew


    I’m making the switch from Vanilla Forums to bbPress, so forgive my noobish questions.

    I’m setting up an educational site, where users interact with the content, then click “Action” or “Reflect” buttons, that with Vanilla, where just linked to the forum itself. I had roles/permissions set to only allow users within a particular group to see one categories of posts.

    This allowed me to send them generically to the forum, without having to link specifically to the forum posts. As different groups access the content, but buttons would take them to the appropriate area on the forum.

    Can I do something similar with bbPress?

    What steps do I take to replicate this? In Vanilla I had to create a custom user group, and then a category on the forum that was tied to it.

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