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Best URL Structure ?

  • Darren1981


    Hey guys,

    Working on my new project: REMOVED URL (it’s only on my localhost for now.. Unless someone is kind enough to donate $10 so i can purchase a temp hosting account lol)..

    Anyways.. As this will be my main project / baby.. I want the best for it, now i am after some feedback in terms of the best URL structure to use.


    Basically, My forums are going to be used for a few things: Webmaster Forums & Customer Support for the “Premium Designs” i will be selling.. Now i am just struggling in terms of which URL structure i should be using.

    A HUGE THANKS in advance for any assistance on this topic.

    Regards, Darren

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  • Darren,

    I have a problem with the ‘spammy’ domain you keep linking to as it is a ‘web host’ ad farm, if you don’t own that domain please stop linking to it here on I have removed these links from all of your posts.

    You can find some hosting providers links here that are well and truly under $5 a month.

    To your question the most common that suits most people is ‘Post Name’ as outlined here





    Hi Stephen Edgar,

    Mate the url ive been linking to is my own domain <— This is my main project and i certainly am not one to spam !! I am not sure where you are getting this "Adfarm" thing from.. I am currently moving my project to a new hosting account and am awaiting the nameservers to update. Could you PM me / provide a screenshot of this "Adfarm" ?? that really has me stressing.

    Again i would like to stress.. I am not / was not spamming !! I am a very professional person / businessman / Webmaster and would not jeopardize my name or integrity.

    Regards, Darren

    My apologies, but I went and looked at your site and I did not see a WordPress/bbPress all I saw was an ‘Ad Farm’ which I now presume was put there by your webhost Host Gator.

    It appears they have changed that now to just a ‘Landing Page’ that is far less spammy.

    Let me know once your site is back up and I will restore the links in your other posts.



    No Probs Stephen.. I understand.. I just was in shock when you mentioned “Adfarm” as ive never in my life sunk that low to even consider running a adfarm yet alone linking to one under my own good name.

    My project will be up live shortly, currently making some final tweaks before moving my project to a live state.

    Let me know once your site is back up and I will restore the links in your other posts

    Thanks i would appreciate that, again i wasn’t even trying to spam my domain whatsoever like i said i am a professional webmaster and much prefer targeted traffic not just any traffic i can get… I do apologize tho for using my url before my site was actually live.

    Regards, Darren

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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