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Best Theme for Event Forum?

  • lilvinci


    Hi guys!
    I am pretty new to all of this but I have an idea for a website and wanna create as good possible. The problem I have is that i dont know what theme and plugins are necessary for it…
    The website is for my local university, where I want to create a kind of forum for people to post activities and forums that they wanna do so other people can join. For example if somebody want to create a chess or poker tournament they can create this event or project and other people can “join” and also write the creator a message about it, but in private.
    I imagine bbPress as being the best plugin for this as this is a kind of forum, but I have also heard that other plugins like BuddyPress may be better for it. The theme is also something I have a lot of questions about, as my forum should look more like a page where someone can view the events and forums like posts in a normal forum, but here I dont want public answers and all that kind of stuff.
    Is there theme and plugin you can recommend me? Is bbPress the plugin for this or is something different better? Is it actually possible to do this?
    Thank you so much if you quickly can write me an answer, I am really in need of one.

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  • Robin W


    bbpress will do fine, buddypress is not forum software, but the two work together if you want.

    add this to get the styling of bbpress to match your forum

    bbp style pack

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