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  • lisanewton


    Ok, I’m just a coding, upload beginner. I have some experience with WordPress, but I use as much none uploading stuff as possible, simply because I’m not familiar with it.

    In the install instructions it says upload to the server. I did what I thought was that, but no install page appeared.

    I’m just starting my forum out, so it’s a blank canvas. Where do I put the download on my server? Do I need WordPress on the blog to begin with?

    I know these are beginner questions, but I’ve been at the beginner stage of many things, and have learned, so if you can help, I’m completely open to learning a new skill.

    Thank you.

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  • You don’t have to have wordpress installed, this can be in a standalone directory. When you upload to your server it should go into a file folder, much like what is setup on your own PC. Consider this folder a domain and an extension.

    So, if you upload to the ‘forum’ folder then you will enter this address to get to the install script:

    Hope this helps.



    In case it helps, when I connect to my server with an FTP program, there are a stack of folders on there. The one I have to put my forum (and other website pages) in is named ‘public_html’. Of course, I can create a folder within that, and transfer bbPress into it, as cldnails says.

    I think the public folder on a server I used a couple of years ago was ‘_html’, not ‘public_html’. You just need to be sure you’re uploading to the right place, or you may not be able to run the installer from your browser.



    Thank you, Gentlemen. I was able to get the site up, but I’m not happy with the url. I still have lots of work to do…………………..:)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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