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Beginner — How to add BBcode to my forum?

  • Hello people..

    First i wanna say hello I’m new here and really new to using BBPress

    My problem is i have installed the forum, and it’s working like a charm .. BUT i wanna add BBcode buttons to my forum so i can make a reply and making some text FAT and som text Cursive and adding a picture and all that bbCode’s normal do ..

    Is there a way for that ? and how do i do it?


    bbPress 2.0.2 currently installed 100%

    bbPress2 BBCode 1.3 installed (No change to my forum) :(

    BuddyPress Forums Extras – BBCode to HTML 0.3.0 installed (No change to my forum) :(

    and now I’m here.. is there a plugin for avatars ?

    Can’t wait for a reply :) have a great day all :)

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  • The codes are working .. But i need “Buttons” so my users can see what is available for them :) Anyone know how i can add those “Buttons” ?

    Sniper Kitten


    Do you mean you want a wysiwyg editor in bbpress such as TinyMCE? (Which include bold, italic, etc)

    bbPress 2.0 does not comes with a wysiwyg editor. bbPress 2.1 do have a TinyMCE editor, although it’s still under development.

    You can try this plugin Rich Text Editor For Comments or Basic Comment Quicktags



    using this tags in your forum signature

    Keyword name

    MAII – Stratford University



    Is there a way to let normal users post images on bbPress 2.1? Just discovered only admins can use <img> tags in replies.



    Yeah, I’d really enjoy an easy way for users to add images to their posts. Find a bit odd that there’s a parser for Youtube links and a lot of of other media types, but not normal images.

    Preferably it would would just as adding a Youtube link does, meaning – just add a link ending in .jpg, .png, .jpeg and .gif and it would show the image.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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