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begining with BBpress : field WEB / catalog of new visitor / plugin for register

  • domifo


    last version of WordPress 4.8 2 and bbpress 2.5.14

    I have just installed bbpress on our website

    I have some question:

    how to remove the field “WEB” for “Anonymous” (guest users without account) ?
    I found a similar question in other topic but this question (posted more than 5 months ago) did not receive any answer

    – is a catalog or list of those Anonymous users existing ? not only for the users which have replied in a topic (or created one) but also for those who have placed a comment and/or answered to a comment on a post

    – which is the best plug-in for “register” or “subscriber” to install to avoid the intervention of the admin (present methodology applied for members untel now) – our site was build with a pro version of the theme “Exibit”

    many thanks in advance for your answers

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