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Been having problems with 404 errors now have big problem!! help please!

  • london-muscle


    Guys been having some real problems from day one with this one.

    Installed bbpress and a theme, integrated it into my wordpress blog.

    all of that had its problems but i got around them and got it to work.

    after everything I ended up getting tonnes of 404 errors everything is pointing to the wrong place and wondered how to fix it, first thing was that the forum link was pointing to the root folder but not a php file so It wasnt displaying anything. changed that to the index.php file and it was fine.

    however once I got there I noticed the link to the admin cms didnt work because it pointed to the admin file …../bb-admin/ but not ……/bb-admin/index.php (this ending works)

    What i did stupidly was in the cms changed the section that says bb press forum url. I changed it to …../blog/forum/index.php

    Now that ive done this I can only access it in firefox and I cant change it back It just displays in plain text format aligned to the left of the screen and I no longer have a field to enter the old url.

    Can anyone help on both issues, how to get it back to normal and how to fix my page not found errors.


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  • Ben L.


    For the URL problem, go into PHPMyAdmin and use the SQL tab to query for SELECT * FROM bb_meta WHERE meta_key = 'uri' AND object_type = 'bb_option'. Then, you can click the edit button and fix that part.

    As for the other problem, there’s no real way to figure it out until you fix the URL one.



    right guys fixed the url problem so forum is back up. now have access to the control panel and have myphpadmin installed in wordpress so can edit all the other bits.

    Anyone able to help regarding the add topic links etc??

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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