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bbvideo stopped working for me

  • I just realized that bbvideo stopped working. I just tried uploading a fresh copy of the plugin…no change. Changed themes…no change.

    Can you guys help me diagnose? (sorry a few things are unstyled so it’s ugly but there are two youtube links in the first sticky’ed topic)

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  • If you confirm that bbvideo is still active… then the only other thing I could think is the standard 1-2:

    1) Deactivate all your other plugins, and see if it works now.

    2) Activate Kakumei and see if that helps.

    If both of those don’t work, then it’s not a plugin or theme conflict… so I’d have to ask then, what changed between now (when it doesn’t work) and then (when it did)?

    Ahhh..Thanks for the advice!

    Easy Twitter Links is the conflicting plugin! The odd part is, I’ve had them working together before and neither has been updated.

    Hmm…I have added more plugins last week but could the addition of a different plugin cause a conflict between two that previously worked fine together?

    Thanks again.

    Same conflict in Kakumei with all other plugins turned off except for askimet.

    I guess it’s possible that a third plugin could cause two other plugins to stop working… especially if they all share a setting or something. It’s hard to tell without digging into the specific code for each plugin!

    Are you ok with not using Easy Twitter Links?

    Yeah, Easy Twitter Links is the weakest link…goodbye. Thanks again.

    Are there any plans to sort of “clean up” the plugin section?

    For a new user, you have to dig way too far to find out if a plugin is compatible with 1.02 and then at that point you’ll have to dig through pages and pages of code and update the code yourself to fix the errors people have found.

    I know this is off-topic, but the mess over there has to be addressed.

    It looks like someone has built a *press module/plugin of some sort which allows users to vote on compatibility:

    But nothing like that exists on the bbPress plugins side of things.

    The bbPress Plugins install actually has a separate signin cookie from the forums – even if you’re signed in on the forum side of things, you won’t be signed in here:

    Plus, the “stats” tab has been “Coming Soon” for at least two years:

    All these things exist on the WordPress side of things, so I’m guessing it’s a matter of lack of resources and/or a lack of prioritization.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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