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bbPress+WP integration and attribute_escapes

  • I’ve done some searching and not found anything related to this, so I appologize if someone elses google-fu is stronger than me.

    I could use some help on this problem.

    I have installed “complex” integration between bbPress (0.9) and WPMU (2.6) — yes, I have authentication working because I have custom auth plugins… that’s not my issue.

    The problem I am running into is that IF I include wordpress then I’m getting extra attribute escapes on new posts and edit posts in bbPress.

    So if I post a topic with a title of “test” it will end up posting as “test” if I’m just running bbPress (that’s good), but if I have wordpress loaded at the same time, I get \”test\”. And the resulting post displays in the forums.

    Has anyone else ever seen this before?

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  • Looks like my problems come from Worpresses desire to add slashes to _POST (around line 527 of wp-settings, look for add_magic_quotes())… and bbPresses desire to do the same (calls to bb_global_sanitize() around like 140ish of bb-settings.php).

    I can work around this with a hack to either detecting if WP_BB is defined, is there a better way to do this?

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