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bbPress/Woocommerce/Slider Revolution conflict

  • e11eca



    I’m having an issue with bbPress 2.5.3, Slider Revolution 4.0.5, and Woocommerce 2.1.2. I contacted Slider Revolution, and they said they couldn’t figure out the issue and that I should contact my theme creator since their plugin came bundled with my theme, but the theme creator says it isn’t a theme issue, so I’m reaching out to bbPress since the Woocommerce help desk is down for the weekend in hopes I can at least get a leg up – even though it’s a pretty weird triple-plugin conflict.

    1. When all plugins are activated, layer styles in Revolution Slider’s slide editor show a tiny white font in all the previews, but only generate default dark text.

    2. When all plugins are activated, I cannot add a slider to a page where bbPress forums are active – it just doesn’t appear, even when I have disabled the theme’s default header, or tried to insert it via shortcodes or php. (Any other page and the slider loads fine)

    3. When I deactivate bbPress and its associated plugins, the slider loads correctly because there is no forum on the page.

    4. When bbPress and Woocommerce are both deactivated, everything works as it is supposed to in the editor as well.

    Existing sliders on the website still load correctly – it’s just an issue of making new ones with a forum on the same page, and getting the editor to work. bbPress prevents a slider created in the Slider Revolution plugin from being published on a page with a forum, and Woocommerce messes up the editor.

    Any help or ideas are appreciated. I’ve tried the troubleshooting options in the plugins and nothing seems to fix the issue. Thanks!

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  • Robin W


    yes it’s always awkward when even two things don’t work together and both say it’s the other one.

    In practice there well maybe no “fault”. If X chooses a hammer and nail to join two bits of wood, and Y chooses a screw and screwdriver, it is neither’s fault that the screwdriver won’t remove the nail, and X can say that Y should have used a hammer, and Y can say that X should have used a screw !

    I may not be able to help, but can you post a link to your url and a sample, and I’ll take a look

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