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bbPress0.9 support finishing early

  • kevinjohngallagher


    The latest version of bbpress0.9 (bbPress0.9.0.7), has been deleted from Trac effectively closing support for the bbPress0.9 branch.

    This change (and indeed decision) was made 6 weeks ago.

    • No blog post occured.
    • No topic was opened.
    • No post was made.
    • You were not informed of this change.

    Thankfully Gautam, who has been doing some amazing and thankless work on the bbPress1.0.3 branch, posted this information 20 posts down into a topic that isn’t fit for ‘sticky status’.

    Also check

    This means that 0.9 branch would no longer be supported.

    – Gautam

    We thank you Gautam for your exemplary and constant development and your attempts to keep the bbPress community in the loop.

    Cheers dude!

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  • Gautam Gupta


    I’m still not sure if its support will be continued or not, I just inferred that from the deletion of milestone.

    And thanks for the appreciation!



    I asked Matt 3 weeks or so ago if we should release 1.0.3 or 1.1 (and what to do with the couple patches in the 0.9 branch) and this was his response:

    I don’t think we should update the 0.9 branch anymore, and probably not 1.0 either. (Same as WP.) If 1.1 is ready let’s get it out the door. :)

    Gautam Gupta



    sounds good to me.



    So the patches in the 0.9 Branch, were they released or deleted?

    Yes, lets get 1.1 out the door please :)



    I don’t think anyone’s against getting the next version of bbPress out the door :)

    My concerns are:

    • If bbPress0.9 support was meant to last until late 2010, why end it in May?
    • Why/When was this decision taken?
    • Why not inform us before the code was deleted?
    • In fact, why not inform us at all?


    Sam wrote, as an employee of Automattic, that bbPress0.9 branch would be maintained until ‘late 2010’, how can this be true if we’ve had patches for 0.9 sitting since July2009 without a rollout, and are now not being released?

    bbPress 1.0.2 and bbPress legacy version released

    That effectively means we’ve not been supporting 0.9 since was released on 28thJuly 2009. Awesome, we supported it for a whole 25 days after 1.0 was released (on 3rd July 2009).

    Thats a heck of a decision to go back on One’s word like that. And a considerable slap in the face to those of us who have forums still stuck on 0.9 due to 1.0’s failings.

    Here’s another issue.

    I don’t think we should update the 0.9 branch anymore, and probably not 1.0 either. (Same as WP.)

    Matt looks at this project as if it’s working in the same way WP is. It’s not. And I think thats why he’s found the “bbPress community” so hard to get a grip on.

    bbPress0.9 and bbpress1.0 are very very different. It’s not a simple upgrade in the way that many versions of WordPress have been – it’s a total and utter rewrite of the backend to use external code being run by a totally different team as an independant product.

    bbPress0.9 and bbPress1.0, whichever you prefer to work with, are not incremental releases in the traditional sense – they are very close to being different products. That was reflected in the communities strong desire to have support for bbPress0.9 extended when Sam asked us. Thats right folks, we were asked and voted. Then a decision was made. And thats the crux of the problem.

    Saying one thing, doing another, then not mentioning it in the hope no-one notices until weeks after – man, thats just not cool. And the kicker is, I don’t think it’s intentional at all. That’s worse though, because it means we’re a total afterthought (maybe not even an afterthought).

    If the decision was made to drop 0.9 support, all someone had to do was make a blog post, or a forum sticky before hand and give folks a heads up. Why is it so hard to treat us with any respect?

    Those of us who can’t write brilliant code, attempt to do our best by answering questions on the forums. My plugins will never rival some of _ck_s / Nightgunners / Zaerls. Thats a good thing. My code will never be as good for the Core as Gautam / Sam / mdwaffe. Thats even better news. But really, how can we answer questions that people ask with any certainty at all, when things like this happen (constatly)?

    Help us, help you!




    The things I see here are exactly the same indifference towards the user’s needs I had to see in the WP development for the last years. As I said some months ago, it is the WordPress style of “communication” growing here.

    Yesterday, I announced on my little site that I will abandon any further work on my german localization of bbPress and suggested the usage of another bulletin board system. It was the silent decision to end the bbPress 0.9 support, which made me sure that bbPress is in a dead end and that no one of the “relevant” people (which do their decisions in an anti-communicative and anonymous way) wants to change this direction.

    I am fed up with people dreaming of “world domination” with writing almighty PHP applications and ignoring the needs of the users. It is grim, meaningless, void. bbPress is dead.

    Looks like my country (Argentina).

    Maybe things change.. i hope so..

    Gautam Gupta



    The code has not been deleted and it wont be deleted, only the milestone is deleted. You can still download the 0.9 branch from Trac which contains a few bug fixes from

    Also, 1.0.3 is same as 1.1 (except that it wont contain new features if it is released), nor there are any database changes in it till now. If any user upgrades to 1.1, he/she can easily downgrade to 1.0.2 any time.



    Thanks Gautam,

    I’m quite useless at Trac. Can you link me to the URL that shows the tickets associated with before it’s deletion please? I can’t find them.

    Also don’t you think that (again) this whole thing would be handled better if we’d been told about it either before hand or at the time?

    Gautam Gupta


    Once a milestone is deleted, its tickets are shifted to another milestone and I think there is no way to see the pending tickets on that particular milestone. But, I think there were no tickets for milestone, there were only for 1.0.3 and if the bugs applied to 0.9 branch too, then they were also fixed there. You can view the latest version of 0.9 here –

    Also don’t you think that (again) this whole thing would be handled better if we’d been told about it either before hand or at the time?

    Yup, I agree with you on this.

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