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BBpress, WPML, and BBpress multilingual

  • minutepapillon


    BBpress is not naturally compatible with WPML (the multilingual plugin) except if you install a “bridge plugin” : BBpress-Multilingual

    That’s what I did. I then suddenly experienced problems with the forum :

    Some topics disappeared from their parent forum.
    If I go to “edit” page for a given reply or topic the forum displays “No parent.” The problem disappears instantly if i deactivate the BBpress-Multilingual plugin.

    The forum is here

    Did anybody experience the same kind of problem ?
    Any clue or idea ?

    Thanks !

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  • WPML make their own ‘bbPress WPM’ plugin, though it is not publicly available.

    You need to ask them really nicely to get a copy 😉

    If you are using the official ‘bbPress WPML’ plugin is it the latest version?

    With all that said though any issues with the ‘bbPress WPML’ plugin need to raised with the WPML support team.



    Thanks for your answer Stephen.
    Well, indeed, I got the plugin from WPML (I asked really nicely 🙂 … their support is very good anyway).
    I am in contact with them now.

    Strange thing is that they use the same combo on their site : WPML + BBpress + BBpress-Multilingual plugin. It works fine.



    HI @minutepapillion!

    Is there any way you can send me the plugin? I tried asking WPML (very nicely) and they keep saying it isn’t complete yet (and this is the only issue holding up the launch of my site)



    Yes i can, but is there a way to send private messages on this forum so that you give me an email to send the plugin to ?
    By the way, it is not recommended to install a plugin unofficially given by a guy you don’t even know. If his avatar is a donkey is it even more dubious …

    I’m going to close this before the “meeee tooooo” post arrive, I noticed on the WPML forums you should now the plugin 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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