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bbPress, WP post synchronization issue…

  • Jim R


    I’m not getting a lot of help where the plug-in is actually posted. As best I can tell my settings are correct. I’m getting this response though:

    URL is incorrect or connection error, please verify it (full variant):

    When you click on that link, it brings up a 404 page, but having checked my server files, it’s there. The plugin has been uploaded in the my-plugins folder of my bbPress folder.

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  • Jim R


    My host took care of that issue, but now I’m getting this from the plug-in:

    Not allowed: [bbPress part] Invalid anonymous user id



    I was researching this for ya, and noticed that your host had fixed it for you:

    Glad it worked out! Let us know if your host ever lets you know what they changed/fixed, if you could… thanks!

    Jim R


    This is what they said, but he wasn’t the support guy who fixed it:

    It appears that they added the correct rewrite rules for WordPress to resolve the issue with the permalinks this can also by done from the WordPress admin under Permalinks.

    My new issue with this plug-in is trying to get it to NOT create a new bbPress post every time I edit a WP post.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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