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bbPress / WordPress Integration – FAIL – Blog is 404 error

  • We’ve been running wordpress for a few months now, and decided to install bbPress. To integrate, we’ve tried to use different databases, as well as the same database. On our 5th attempt at installing bbPress and trying to integrate, our main blog was affected. Every page on our wordpress site are bringing 404 errors, except for our home page. We’ve also been locked out of our admin dashboard with this message: “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.”

    I don’t remember exactly all of the ‘variables’ that I tried during this attempt, but I do remember adjusting the prefixes. The only thing on the web that I could find, is this (But it doesn’t go into how they fixed the issue).

    Does anyone have a clue, as to what’s going on, or how we can change our prefixes? We’d like to get our wordpress site working again. Thanks in advance.

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