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bbPress Woosidebars plugin conflict causing 503 error

  • Hi Guys

    A conflict exists with bbPress and the WooSidebars plugin

    The conflict causes the whole forum to return a 503 Error. After much digging found the problem comes from this bbPress function

    bbp_get_topic_title() function

    and is fixed by changing

    $title = get_the_title( $topic_id )


    $topic = get_post( $topic_id );
    $title = $topic->post_title;

    Hope you can add that fix to your next version update – Thank you – Steve

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  • I cannot reproduce this issue with bbPress 2.5.4 and WooSidebars 1.3.1

    For example replacing the ‘Primary Sidebar’ with a new WooSidebar for the bbPress ‘Topic Archive’ and ‘Each individual topic’.

    Typically issues where people have had issue with ‘the_title’ usually revolves around a theme issue, try using the same configuration you were trying but test it with the Twenty Fourteen theme.

    Anything else to help reproduce the issues you posted I’m more than happy to take a look but will need some detailed reproduction steps so I can see what your seing.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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