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bbPress WooCommerce Integration for Setup of Paid Forum

  • WisdmLabs


    Hey there!

    We have been doing good amount of work with bbPress lately and have implemented a variety of solutions including setting up paid forums via integration of bbPress with WooCommerce. While doing so, we realized that this set up in particular, needs deep understanding of the plugins so we thought of compiling a detailed tutorial and sharing it with the world.

    I am glad to tell you that the tutorial is now out and you can check it out on our website HERE.

    Also feel free to comment on this guide and ask us any questions for which we would get back to you soon.

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  • WisdmLabs


    To provide you an overview, the article covers the following:

    • Allow you to create a monthly membership product with Automatic Billing System.
    • Require customers to Pay for a Monthly Subscription to gain access to the Forum pages.
    • Provide the ability to Limit Content (forum pages) to Subscribed Members only.
    • Allow Members to Manage(cancel) their Membership Subscription from inside their bbPress Profile.

    To implement these features we have used, bbPress (as the forum plugin), WooCommerce and WooCommerce Subscriptions (to offer paid membership), Groups and Groups WooCommerce (to restrict forum access).

    Kindly let us know if any additional support is required with regards to this implementation.

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