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bbPress with Directory Theme – Empty Forum Page

  • w4rrenz


    Hey guys,

    Looking for a bit of help with integrating bbPress into a theme called Directory.

    I’ve set it up, installed plugin and created forum – on my forums page I don’t have any forum listing, not even “There are no forums” comes up.

    I looked to do the work around method which was to use the shortcode on a page, but this breaks the page and still shows nothing – when I say it breaks the page I get no footer if I choose the full width template, or I get the same as the link below if I choose default template.

    So obviously the issue lies in the theme’s template not interacting well with bbPresses setup, how would I go about setting up a page template that’ll work with bbPress?

    That is the bbPress forum page

    WP Version 3.5.1
    bbPress 2.3.1

    Any help would be hugely appreciated!



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  • This is common when using heavily customized/massive themes or theme frameworks.

    Unfortunately for someone like us looking in, it’s really hard to even tell you where to start. There could be 1,001 different things that are causing things to explode under the hood. To top it off we don’t have access to the theme anyways.

    The particular theme you are using is _massive_. I’m fairly confident the theme is likely the issue here, but to be sure you should activate TwentyTwelve and see if that fixes the issue. Assuming it does, then you know the problem is indeed with your theme, at which point I’d ping the developer and see if he knows what’s up.



    I thought that would be the obvious problem, yeah works fine on TwentyTwelve so looks like the developer will be getting an email. Not confident in getting the reply I’m looking for.

    Do you have any posts I can look at to help find the cause per chance?

    Thanks for your help


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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