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bbPress vs. a plugin

  • (I cross posted this in the WP Support forums)


    Last night I did my first install of WordPress with a little help from the nice people hanging out in the Installation Forum – thanks again everybody. BTW, it took me a long time to do as I’m very new to mysql, php, ect.

    Today, I’d like to add a forum. I’m very worried about screwing up my database or having to tinker with too many files. I’d like to add it now because I’ve yet to start customizing my site (WP is my main page BTW)and figure I should get all the things I want in there first, then go to work adding content ect.

    I’ve read (or at least looked at the headlines for the first 100 post in these forums related to forums plugin).

    So, here’s my question:I want a forum that will have about 10 or so categories listed under about five different cities. For instance: Chicago Jobs, Housing, For Sale, Events, ect.

    Of course I want people only to log in once and I understand that bbPress and some plugins can do that.

    It doesn’t have to be fancy or anything.

    So, as a newb to using databases and php, should I choose a stand-alone like bbPress or a plugin I just upload to Wp?

    I’m asking you assuming you are much more experienced with these things than I and will know which is better for someone at my level.

    Thanks for reading this long post

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  • Uh, yeah, thanks for copy-and-pasting. When you are asking other people to spend their time helping you, the least you can do is take a little time to make it easy and appropriate for them.

    > So, as a newb to using databases and php, should I choose a stand-alone like bbPress or a plugin I just upload to Wp?

    If you can install wordpress, you can install bbpress. It’s no harder. Integrating them is also not difficult. Despite never having used one I’d assume a plugin would be a little easier though.

    But if you care about the potential and speed of your forums, you should go for actual forum software, not something tacked onto something unrelated. In this case you should choose bbPress.

    You can certainly do both; which is better for you is something you’ll be best at deciding.

    Thanks for getting back to me and sorry about the copy/paste. I didn’t know it would be a problem.

    I really like the look and feel of bbPress. I’m leaning toward using it.

    As long as it’s no harder than installing WP, I think I’ll be fine. My only concern is screwing up my database (not bbPress screwing it up, but me screwing something up).

    Thanks again

    Copy and pasting per se is not a problem. It simply irritates me that you ask for help but cannot be bothered doing more than the minimum in doing so.

    You can always backup your databases. See; this will mean that no matter what you do, you can get a fully functioning wordpress install back.

    OK, thanks for responding guys.

    I think I’m going to go for bbPress. If I can’t do it or it just becomes too much of a pain, I’ll try the plugin.

    One question though…It is Ok to use the same database as my wordpress right? It makes sense to me to do so, just want to be sure.


    Ok, I see that I can use same database…thanks anyway



    Yes, use the same database (it’s easier later with integration) and you can even leave the default table prefix in the bbPress config.php. By default, WordPress uses a table prefix of wp_ and bbPress uses bb_, so there is no conflict, and even if bbPress goes horribly wrong, it won’t hurt WordPress at all.

    Good luck. I’m in Chicago too if you need any help.



    Also, I didn’t realize there were forum plugins for WordPress until you posted this. From the looks of them, this one (of 4) appears to be most current and most actively maintained:

    Never used it, but just learned about it after you asked the question.

    Thanks for responding Chris,

    I haven’t yet made up my mind which way to go. My gut tells me that bbPress is better long-term. I’m also guessing that if my forum gets popular, bbPress might be better – in other words I’m thinking that a plugin might do the trick if the forum is doesn’t see much action, but that I might need something more powerful if it gets busy.

    I’m pretty sure I can get bbPress installed, I’m now most concerned with integration, pretty perma-links ect. Making new files, adding and deleting code scares me.



    Don’t be scared, full steam ahead. It will be fine. I agree bbPress as standalone forum software is better than a WordPress plugin. Worst case you learn alot as you go along.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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