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bbpress version 2 plugin

  • globetrotterdk


    I just created a new WordPress site (3.2.1) and installed the latest bbpress plugin (version 2). I have two questions:

    1) Where can I find documentation specifically about the plugin, or does everything (plugins and widgets) that works with WordPress and bbpress also work with WordPress and the bbpress plugin?

    2) I would like to be able to display not only the root forums, but also the subcategories – in order and indented. I am currently using the bbpress forum list widget, but it doesn’t appear to be able to display the root forums with subcategories indented underneath. It only show root forums, or everything all mixed together.

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  • Hello mr. globetrotterdk, for your first question unfortunately there is no available documentation for bbpress 2.0 up to now.. pray that developer will update this soon. Thanks for them who makes their effort to update.

    for your second question, have you try using bbpress shortcodes?

    if you have not try shortcodes here are they:

    * Forums

    [bbp-forum-index] – Show the forum index/archive

    [bbp-single-forum id=$forum_id] – Show a single forums topics

    * Topics

    [bbp-topic-index] – Show the topics index/archive

    [bbp-topic-form] – Show the new topic form

    [bbp-single-topic id=$topic_id] – Show a single topic

    * Topic Tags

    [bbp-topic-tags] – Show a tag cloud of all topic tags

    [bbp-single-topic-tag] – Show the topics within a specific tag

    * Replies

    [bbp-reply-form] – Show the topic reply form

    * Views

    [bbp-single-view] – Show topics associated with a specific view

    * Account

    [bbp-login] – Show the login screen

    [bbp-register] – Show the register screen

    [bbp-lost-pass] – Show the lost password screen

    *this codes post by johnjamesjacoby in his forum

    I can’t seem to get any of the bbPress widgets to work properly… the shortcodes function, but they aren’t formatted or anything, so if I try to use them in a text widget I just end up with messy text that is about 100 lines long, and get a bunch of Page Not Found errors when clicking on it.

    I think I am having trouble because I originally installed bbPress separately, then added the plugin when it became available. I’m not sure what to do.. it is all a big mess :(

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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