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bbpress update

  • kent25


    the new update really looks dope (aka nice) with the separators for each topics, but it really needs work on

    1. its having issues with bubbypress, because when a member login its shows a blank page both for the home and bubbypress profile.
    i thought it was from my theme until i uninstall BBpress.

    2. this is just my suggestion…. topics should remain at its position, when a new reply is made.
    e.g: when a member reply to an old topic, it goes back to the top of the recent topics,made… this should be looked into

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  • John James Jacoby


    Thanks! I’ll look into 1. 2 is kinda just part of how forums work. The queries are filterable though, so you could definitively reliably change this behavior to suit your needs, and order them by just about anything you’d like.

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